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Gratuitous bird shot

My daytime companions, budgies Freddie (left) and Charlie (right).  Freddie is about a year and a half old, and Charlie is a little over three months.  Freddie is talkative, afraid of change, and rather manic. Charlie is brave to the point of foolhardiness, pushy, and fastidious.

A big bowl of super

Oatmeal pretty well sums up my thoughts about football on this Super Bowl Sunday taking place in, of all places, Dallas:

In short: Don’t give a damn.  Never have.  Have a very hard time, actually, understanding why people do.

But I hope the people currently congregating by the hundreds of thousands at Cowboys Stadium, and the millions more watching them and–soon– the two teams of large men about to throw themselves at each other periodically interrupted by commercials that cost nearly $3 million for 30 seconds, have a wonderful time.  Yet again, I’m opting out.  Could still go for the beer and nachos, though.


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