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I’m not angry about Matt Taylor’s shirt

Nope, I’m not.

Matt Taylor apologized– apparently sincerely. Nobody I actually know is angry at him now, if they were before.

 I’m angry at the horde of people who are:

  • Shrieking on Twitter and any other social media site that he shouldn’t have apologized, because he did nothing wrong and they need him to be leader of their Fuck the Feminists Who Hate Sex and Freedom parade
  • Demanding that Rose Eveleth be fired for criticizing Taylor’s sartorial choices
  • Apparently totally unaware that sexual imagery in the workplace constitutes evidence— not conclusive, case-making evidence, but evidence– of a hostile workplace in sexual harrassment cases
  • Drawing a sharp line between people who care about scientific achievements and people who care about not sending the message that the only thing that matters about women is how they look naked, and pretending that these are two separate and mutually exclusive groups. To the contrary, most of the complaining I’ve seen about Taylor’s shirt is that it that it marred what otherwise should’ve been a celebratory occasion for everyone.
  • In general, reacting, whenever feminists speak up about anything whatsoever to say “Hey, that’s not cool,” as if they actually said “BAN THIS IMMEDIATELY AND SEND ALL RELATED PARTIES TO THE GULAG WITH THE POWER WE OBVIOUSLY WIELD BECAUSE WE RUN THE COUNTRY OR SOMETHING”

That’s what I’m angry about.

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